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Word Race launch today

Today I'm proud to announce the launch of Word Race, a fun party game you can play with your friends. The game is unique in that you play with a group of friends face-to-face with only one iPhone or iPad. Everyone tries to get their team to say the special word without using any of the forbidden ones. The team that explains them fastest wins. It makes a great game for small gatherings or parties. If you could get a few friends or colleagues together to give it a try, I think you’ll like it!

You can play in English, Esperanto and German. Download directly from the App Store or check out my new website Word Race app to learn more!
Hey everyone, long time no see!

For some reason this morning, I felt like getting back on LiveJournal just to see what it's like now. I see my last real post was from June 2008. Well, needless to say, a lot has changed since then. I now work as a freelance iPhone developer... mostly writing language and "game helper" apps. If you're interested, you can see the complete list of apps in my newly updated LJ profile. I'm now, however, 4 days into writing a new game that should actually sell quite well, so we'll see how that goes. I'm also writing another book and I'll let you know more about that when it's more advanced: two chapters written so far... yay!

I just got back from a week-long trip in the Netherlands, mostly visiting Rotterdam, and a day in Utrecht. Yes, I went to Holland and didn't see Amsterdam... I guess that makes me a bad tourist! ;) Oh yeah, I type in Colemak now. Most of my life updates I make simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook, so feel free to look me up on there if you want to keep in touch.

Oh yeah, I'll also be attending Macoun in Frankfurt (Oct 2-3) and the Junulara Esperanto-Semajno (Dec 27-Jan 2) in Burg (Saxony, Germany). At the end of November, I also plan to visit the Univeral Esperanto Association HQ to digitize all the videotapes in their library. I'm really afraid that if they are left unattended, their quality will keep diminishing and we'll start to lose valuable bits of Esperanto culture and history.

Just curious, how many of you just read this? Leave a comment to let me know that you're also still alive! :) Anyway, I have to admit it feels nice to write without having to feel like I have to keep everything so professional.
Today I just released Random Chess (Chess960) for the iPhone. It will randomize the starting position of a chess game putting your bishops on different colors as well as putting the king between the two rooks. You can already buy it now from the App Store for only $0.99 or see more details on my Random Chess page.

You can also see my interviews with iPhone developers: Galcon, BloXoR and Metasquares.

Hodiaŭ mi ĵus eldonis Hazardan Ŝakon por la iPhone. Ĝi hazardigos la komencan pozicion de ŝaka ludo metante viajn du kurierojn sur malsamaj koloroj kaj vian reĝon inter viaj du turoj. Vi jam povas aĉeti ĝin nun de la App Store kontraŭ nur $0.99 aŭ vidi pli da detaloj sur mia paĝo de Hazarda Ŝako.

Vi ankaŭ povas vidi miajn intervjuojn kun iPhone-programistoj: Galcon, BloXoR and Metasquares.

You can now add my new blog as a friend to your LJ account by friending chucksmithweb20.

Thanks to jiggery_pokery for setting it up!

professional blog

I now keep a professional blog on www.chucksmith.de, but I will continue to post personal news here.

Mi nun tenas profesian blogon ĉe www.chucksmith.de, sed mi daŭre afiŝos personajn aferojn ĉi tie.

learn Korean alphabet

Have you been wanting to learn Korean, but haven't quite gotten around to it? Are those pesky characters mocking you and keeping you from the high-energy thrill of Korean? Fret no more!

Just kidding, felt like giving an infomercial spiel. But really, check out a quick and interactive way to learn the Korean alphabet.

PokerRing pre-registration page!

Well, we got our pre-registration page up today for PokerRing.  Check it out at www.pokerring.com

Terminologio en Vikipedio

Jen tre interesa artikolo de Miroslav Malovec pri la evoluo de terminologio en Vikipedio kaj ĝia influo al la lingva komunumo:

Verkante artikolojn por Vikipedio ĉiu kontribuanto renkontiĝas kun terminologiaj problemoj, ĉar ne ekzistas fako teknika, scienca aŭ arta, kie ne troviĝus ankaŭ terminoj. Oni verkas pri landoj, urboj, monumentoj, artistoj, sciencistoj, sportistoj, politikistoj, inventoj, eventoj, bestoj, plantoj, mineraloj - ĉie svarmas terminoj, kiujn necesas esprimi en Esperanto.

legu pli de Terminologio en VikipedioCollapse )

Dvorak keyboard, morning day 2

So, now I know the home row and can touch most keys without too much thought.  In the long run, I know this will be much better on my hands and I will type faster, but in the meantime it is quite frustrating.  It is especially difficult to type German, because I have to concentrate on German at the same time.  At least with my customized layout, I can now type in English, Esperanto, German, and Spanish without changing keyboard layouts.  ...and yes this post has been typed entirely in Dvorak, mostly without looking at the keyboard!