Chuck SMITH (amuzulo) wrote,

First TV station in Esperanto

When the entrepreneur, Flavio Rebelo, from São Paulo, Brazil, told the world he would launch Internacia Televido, a TV station completely in the international language Esperanto, everyone told him he was crazy. But, starting last Saturday (Nov 5, 2005), the first Esperanto TV station could be viewed by Internet users throughout the world. It presents various programs which cover news, documentaries, interviews, music, movies, exotic cultures and tourism. The station is a result of a two-year project which also administers the largest Esperanto portal Ghangalo (‘jungle’ in English). Esperanto is a completely developed language which could be considered an open source spoken language as its development happened in a similar style as open source projects. Esperanto is a completely developed language with an active worldwide community which uses the Internet more and more as its primary method of communication.

Update: I just sent this blog entry to slashdot. We'll see if they accept it. Rejected. Now trying boingboing, memepool and kuro5hin with the above change...
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