Chuck SMITH (amuzulo) wrote,

balancing life and moving on

Well, things have been crazy lately as I've been trying to balance everything in life. Family time... friends time... packing and moving time... ugh. Not fun. But it is nice hanging out one last time for a while with everybody.

I can't really complain about my 10 months in NYC. I wish I had had a better job, but I do have to admit that it give me a lot of great experience. It was nice seeing a few random friends that dropped into NYC over the year and I do hope to see them again.

I wonder if I'm soon going to start to feel like I have an American life and a European life. I wonder what will happen when my contract ends on December 2006 in Germany. But, to me, endless opportunities is what life is all about. At least for now. I still think I would like to eventually settle down someday. Maybe by the time I'm 30.

I'm really going to miss NYC. I'm visiting my parents in Harrisburg, PA, and I already miss it. There was something sad about dropping off my rental car in downtown Harrisburg and taking the bus home. I will however hopefully visit NYC and my parents in Harrisburg this summer after I go to the Wikipedia conference in Boston for my new job.

But, to open up a whole new world, you unfortunately have to close an old world. And thus, Tuesday, as I fly to Stuttgart, I will close one chapter of my life and open another one. We'll see what happens.
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