Chuck SMITH (amuzulo) wrote,

promises promises promises...

I decided I'm going to make my New Year's Resolution right now! If I can have Thanksgiving dinner a week before Thanksgiving, anything is possible! So, my resolution is to stop making promises I can't keep. My top priorities right now are to my new job in Germany and to the board of the World Esperanto Youth Organization (TEJO). Those two activities are certainly enough to keep anyone busy. I will surely go to board games events, but I will hold off on promising to be active in those clubs...

It's interesting that the second week of the month will probably be the most busy for me. On the second Wednesday of the month, the TEJO board virtually meets and then the second Thursday of the month the Heilbronn games club meets. Yes, in my mind, I am already in Germany even though I'm still at my parent's in Harrisburg. I will probably get into a schedule of going to interesting events there before too long. Probably not as many events as in NYC though, but maybe that will help keep my stress levels lower. Also, my new job appears not to require any overtime at all. However, I realize I will still have to judge carefully how to spend my four weeks of vacation time (minimum allowable vacation time by German law).

I realize that in the past year I have given too many promises to people that I couldn't keep. Now that I'm starting again fresh in Germany, I will have the chance to only promise things I am sure I can keep and to say Maybe to things of which I am not sure I can do.
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