Chuck SMITH (amuzulo) wrote,

paying $285 to Verizon Wireless

Here's one part I hate about moving. Changing all your services from one country to another... In this case I breach a 2 year contract with Verizon Wireless. The first person who wanted to take over my contract did not have a social security number, so Verizon would not allow them to take over. The second person called me once and said he'd call back and then never did. Again, he's not replying to my emails. ugh.

So, sometime this afternoon I will be visiting the Verizon Wireless office to pay them $285. $175 deactivation fee and $55 each for two months of phone bills. UGH UGH UGH. Just remember NEVER to get a two year contract... I don't care how cheap their phones are... heh

Luckily I was able to cancel Time Warner without any hassle at all. I went to their headquarters in the Queens mall and waited five minutes and paid the outstanding balance and I was done. I hear cancelling by phone can take forever...

On the good news, tomorrow I will be in Germany. :)
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