September 13th, 2002



Iäm now in Paderbonn. Tomorrow, Iäm going to Marburg. No, Iäm not going to adapt to this German kezboard. Just deal with it.

Festo rawked! Maybe I can stick a film up that I made of it sometime. Well, Iäm tired, the world is a whirlwind, but itäs cool.

I was even offered a job todaz in Paderbonn. I met this guz on the street outside of this office that teaches computer stuff and languages )including Esperanto=, so we just started talking to him in Esperanto and he responded as well. Ö= Anzwaz, he said I could teach English if I wanted... so that seems prettz cool to me, perhaps Iäll do that after the IS )Internacia Seminario=.

I didnät learn French, but itäs nice to be back in a countrz where I have a fighting chance with the language again. I still sound funnz, but at least I can talk again. ö=

Well, tschüss.