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January 21st, 2004

can't resist this one...

create your own visited country map

Man, if only I could add Russia to it... but I won't be there until February 19. The one who dies with the most countries wins? ;-)

(I didn't include Denmark where I only changed busses, although I did get out and walk around a bit...)

language salad

Lately I've been feeling the pressure of the language salad. Last night I spoke almost only Dutch at the Rotterdam board games club and then with maartje afterwards. I really need to work on my French since I'm soon taking an intensive French course in the Hague. But, in spite of that, I bought the Lonely Planet Russian Phrasebook and ordered Pimsleur Instant Conversation Russian from amazon. LP will cover the written Russian and Pimsleur will cover the spoken. So, on Friday I'll be going to Aachen, Germany for the weekend, so I feel some German practice coming on... ugh. This is of course not to mention that Esperanto is still my main language as it has been for a year and a half. When will I have a chance to practice my Spanish? Well, too many languages, too little time.

Sheesh, this is beginning to look like one of n_true's posts, except that mine isn't translated into Klingon. Maybe I should go read a book in Interlingua. So anyway, Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam and классная попка!

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