April 25th, 2004


getting kicked out of Canada and stuff

So, last week I flew from Amsterdam to Calgary (with a layover in Chicago) and when I arrived I learned that Esperanto Antauen had to file a report with the HRDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) with a job description and my qualifications, etc. So, we had gotten bad legal advice before that a U.S. citizen with a university degree just had to come to Canada and could even start looking for work there. Anyway, about 16 hours after I had arrived in Calgary, I was forced to fly back to Chicago!

In Chicago, I stayed with some relatives that I've never met before and went to the library occasionally to catch up on email. I can't say it was very exciting, but a nice change of pace and a good "forced" vacation... Anyway, after a week the papers were approved and my boss at the Calgary Esperanto Center let me choose between flying or taking the Greyhound and getting the difference of the price. So, I decided to save a few hundred dollars and went by Greyhound from Gary, Indiana to Shelby, Montana (45 hours). From Shelby, we went to Calgary and everything went well at immigration!

So now I am a full-time employee here in the Calgary Esperanto Center for a little over two months until NASK where I will be training to become a certified Esperanto instructor. I met litui yesterday and that was cool too. I wonder if there's other Esperanto students in Calgary who don't know about this center...