September 30th, 2004


ne Novjorko por mi / no NYC for me :(

Mi ĵus eltrovis ke mia UN-kontakto en Novjorko ĉeestos konferencon ĉi-semajnfine, do mi ne povos renkonti ŝin, do ne indas ke mi iru al Novjorko ĉi-semajnfine. Nu, eble iam baldaŭ mi iros denove...

I just found out that my UN contact in NYC will be attending a conference this weekend, so I won't be able to meet her, thus it's not worth me going to NYC this weekend. So, maybe sometime soon I'll go back again...

Great debate - Go Kerry!!

Man, what a great debate! I think Kerry really did an amazing job on that one. I was so surprised to find that the local viewing audience of ABC said that 61% stated that Bush did a better job in the debate while 39% thought that Kerry did better. Oh well... that's what it's like living in Bush country in south central PA.