October 24th, 2004



I went to see jegrasso fence today at a tournament in Harrisburg at Black Diamond Fencing. Pretty cool stuff. It seems like a sport I could really get into... once I get the money and have a stable location. I'm sure there's tons of cool fencing clubs in NYC... :)

It was cool meeting her, although she was a bit preoccupied with the tournament, but that's quite understandable. She was quite nice to clarify to me about some of the basics and to explain the difference between epee, foil and sabre fencing. As a whole, I really enjoyed the experience. I better have, considering that without a car, I walked 4.3 miles, an hour and a half, to get there. My feet still hurt... Luckily my mom came and picked me up and I paid her the appropriate bus fare of $1.75. [Busses in Harrisburg don't run on Sundays.]

It also inspired me further about the possibility of running an Esperanto center in NYC. I figure if people are willing to pay $50/month to fence, there were probably enough people in NYC willing to pay $25/month to learn Esperanto and that would be enough to pay the rent and salary of one person working there full-time... I absolutely must eventually move to NYC!

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