October 30th, 2004


another boring day...

Well, believe it not, I finally took the time to organize my room. I spent a lot of time going through the boxes I got from Calgary with most of my stuff in them and trying to organize the contents into envelopes. There has to be a better way to organize that stuff... Anyway, it feels nice to know where my stuff is.

I spent a lot of time talking on the phone with ptrccst03 who will be coming to my area in a few weeks. She also happens to be the center of my Orkut network of friends. Cool, eh?

Also, I IMed a lot with yareach as that is something I usually do...

I might go for an interview at ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) as they are hiring 25 political organizers to go to low-income sections of Harrisburg and get the vote out. They're paying $8/hr. Cool, eh? Although, I may prefer just to get a boring data entry job... I'll call my temp agency tomorrow morning and see if they have an assignment lined up for me.

In other news, I'll be going to NYC next weekend for more UN stuff. :) I'm excited!

And right now, I'm hearing a Russian version of Don't Worry, Be Happy. A bit disturbing... I don't know why. Also, I found the Brazilian comic book Cascão in my boxes, so now I have something to read in print to read in Portuguese! Woohoo!

Well, it looks like I have nothing very insightful to say this time. Leave a comment if you like... 'cause I like comments! =D
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