November 9th, 2004


NYC last weekend and my new job

Hey everybody. Sorry for not writing lately, but things have been a bit crazy. I didn't even get online this whole weekend while I was in NYC. Crazy, eh? Anyway, here's what happened in short (I hope to write more later, but will probably get lazy and do nothing of the sort, so there!). :-P

Thursday evening, I took the bus to NYC. Yeah, pretty uneventful. Just went to my friend Thomas and got some sleep...

Friday morning, picked up my ID badge for the UN and enjoyed my newly acquired 20% discount in the gift shop (small UN flag, nice pen, keychain) and and 10% discount in the bookstore (bought International Jobs). Then I sat down and had lunch with a random guy who works in maintenance at UN headquarters and then talked with some people from the disarmament organization... picked up a copy of The Disarmament Times and headed for the UEA office.

Friday afternoon, I got to the UEA office and met Rochelle and chatted about UEA/UN relations. I also got to chat a bit the kind people of the Unitarian Universalists at the UN. Then, Rochelle and I went out for some tea and bean curd rolls (I think that's what they were called) at a local Chinese restaurant.

Friday evening, averseortwo and I ate at a cool mexican restaurant in Manhattan and then went to see an off-broadway play with her boyfriend. It was an Oscar Wilde's play. Yay! Sooooo cool. She better give a good review. :) Back to Thomas' apartment...

Saturday morning, I slept and read random books from Thomas' personal language library. I even read an old Dutch children's book (which title now I forget).

Saturday afternoon, we went and I watched him teach an Esperanto course. There I met Pilar who is now considering doing a documentary for her film class on Esperanto. Yay! :) After this, I went to the NYC Go center where a 9 year old beat me. He said he learned how to play Go from a book a few months ago. Niiiiiiiiice...

Saturday evening I went with Pilar to a concert in a yoga center. Very cool stuff! I slept/meditated through the second half of the concert before everyone went home. On the way back I found out that one of her friends was visiting a friend at the same subway stop as my friend, so we stopped off to eat some pizza and it reminded me of "ghetto pizza" (not its real name) in Calgary, but it just didn't quite have the same feel, but cool nonetheless. I was just surprised I could get a medium fountain drink in Manhattan for only one dollar.

Sunday morning, I rested up instead of going to see the NYC marathon.

Sunday afternoon, I went to the IBM plaza for the NYC Esperanto club meeting and met a few lithuanians who just happened to be visiting. We had 16 people show up in total (13 of us could speak Esperanto well, 2 were beginners and 1 was a friend of the lithuanian who didn't speak Esperanto). A few of us went to Queens to see the Susan Polgar Chess Center. We all got to meet her (she's the second strongest female chess player in the world to my knowledge and also speaks Esperanto as well as seven other languages fluently). Unfortunately, she didn't have time for a blitz game... *sigh* Maybe next time. I did get a picture, but I still have to get it developed, since my digital camera was stolen some time ago...

Sunday evening, we went from the chess center to eat at a new greek restaurant. It had only been around for eight weeks. Exciting stuff, eh? Then, I went off to the Go center to play more Go. This time I had to pay the $7 to play though... *sigh*

Monday morning, I got on a bus and headed back to Harrisburg. Nothing much exciting happened yesterday.

Today, I worked at my new job assignment at the United Way in Harrisburg as a temp data entry clerk. Mindless job, but I have a cool boss and cool coworkers. All democrats. Woohoo! My boss is even somewhat of a linguist. She studied a bit of Italian and French at university as well as hanging out with linguists a lot. So, in other words, she thinks Esperanto is cool too. Another nice thing about my job is that it's on the same square as the transfer center of the city buses, so I don't even have to walk a block to get to work. Awesome location. I was thinking I could probably meet up with ktangel13, but I think she just moved to Lancaster this weekend. Grrr.

So, that's my life for the past few days. :)