November 25th, 2004


proud of my topcoder experience

Wow, it's been at least three years (probably four or five years) since I've done any Java programming and today I hit topcoder to try to refresh my memory. Well, today I made it through three problems in division two (relatively easy) and I'm very proud of myself. I had to check the documentation about once every five minutes, but I can't wait til I try again tomorrow now that my memory is refreshed. I'll be able to code much faster! yay! =) Then I'll eventually hit the division one problems...

I'm sticking the text of the hardest of the "easy problems" and my solution behind this LJ cut for those of you who are curious. It's a shame that LJ killed my indentions making the code much harder to read. But anyway, there it is. Comments as always are welcome (from techies and non-techies).

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