December 18th, 2004


phase three complete of Octagons

Hey, for those of you that I haven't bugged lately, please give Octagons a try and let me know of any potential problems you might have with it. I believe it is bug free *cough cough*, so any bugs you find would be great. Also, let me know of any improvements I could make. I really can't think of anything I could do now except for setting it up for online play. But that will probably have to wait for another day.

Wow, I can't believe I programmed that. I remember trying to code this in QBasic in high school and failing miserably. I got as far as drawing the board. heh Now, after 15 hours of coding and 700 lines of code, a fine Java game applet has been born!

Now only to fulfill my desire to play online, but that shall wait for another day ... =D

Any comments or suggestions would be highly appreciated! To play, just visit I've compiled it in Java 1.2, so it should now also work on older computers...