January 4th, 2005


NY > PA > NJ

Jesse: Maybe if the minimum wage were higher, I'd be less stingy :-)
amuzulo: the minimum wage just went up in NY
Jesse: No one can live off of $5.50/hr
amuzulo: I thought NY minimum wage was $6.05/hr
amuzulo: and PA minimum wage is $5.85/hr
Jesse: It's $5.50 here
amuzulo: that's because NJ sucks
amuzulo: all Pennsylvanians know that
amuzulo: move to nyc
Jesse: All you PAers with your extra 35 cents can go to hell :-)
amuzulo: the only good thing about NJ is that you don't have to pump your own gas :-)
amuzulo: and you have more Wawas
Jesse: The Wawas are ubiquitous
Jesse: I like the idea of someone else pumping the gas
Jesse: Besides that, there's a lot of people I know in NJ who should not be trusted with a gas pump
amuzulo: hahaha, true