January 9th, 2005


another enlightening chat with Jesse

Jesse: C'mon Google, INDEX!!!
amuzulo: um, it usually takes at least two weeks
amuzulo: sometimes three
Jesse: Hopefully, the three weeks already passed and it's happening tomorrow :-)
amuzulo: heh
amuzulo: I bet there's a website somewhere that monitors it
Jesse: Maybe it's always indexing, and it just takes three weeks to spider?
amuzulo: whatever you want to believe
Jesse: Google's kind of like a religion
amuzulo: yes, and I want to be a preacher :-P
Jesse: Google is all-knowing, but doesn't always answer your prayers the way you'd like it to. Although some people claim to know how Google works, the true nature of Google is unknowable.

Also, please check out the website for Jesse's niece suffering from Canavan disease: Beat Canavan Disease.