January 28th, 2005


I'm back! Moving to NYC tomorrow!

Yes, I survived the trip... even without lunch on the way back (unless you call a small egg roll lunch). heh

Well, we left South Carolina at 6 am and traveled 520 miles and arrived here at 3:30 pm. Yay.

Tomorrow I'll be getting on the Greyhound bus at 10:25 am and arriving in New York City at 3:35 pm. So, that gives me tonight to do laundry and pack. =)

I can't wait to hang out with averseortwo, ari_vinodeluna and villagechick this weekend. Yay! =D

After I get my own apartment up there, I'll rent the U-Haul (or call my friend who drives a van for a living) and move up all my stuff... ahhh stability. :) Now let's just see if I can get a good enough job, so I can have a 1 BR apartment in Williamsburg (that's in Brooklyn near Manhattan)...

Also, I don't plan to read the previous few days of LJ and will probably not be reading my LJ friends list for a while, so if you have anything important to tell me, please email. Thanks!