February 7th, 2005


LinkedIn professional network?

I just met up with Michael Simmons and had some coffee at Starbucks. Thanks for the coffee Michael! He is a bestselling amazon.com author and I highly recommend his book The Student Success Manifesto: How To Create A Life Of Passion, Purpose, And Prosperity. I've read it twice and it will really change your perspective on business and life! Although it's geared toward college students, anyone can learn a lot from it.

He also introduced me to a professional networking tool called LinkedIn. Are any of you on it? It's like Orkut, but completely for professional purposes instead of personal purposes. Anyway, if you're on LinkedIn, definitely send me an invite to join your network!

Well, my move has gone smoothly, especially due to the help of my LJ friends ari_vinodeluna and averseortwo. I also really look forward to meeting luxperpetua and lemmywinks30 this week! New York is a really great city... so many opportunities! I really really love it here... now, just to find a job...