February 20th, 2005


back from South Carolina

Well, when I got to the JFK airport and called my parents to say my flight is on time, they told me that my greatgrandmother passed away, so I ended up going to my grandma's funeral on Thursday and my greatgrandmother's funeral on Friday. bah

After all that grief, I went out with my cousin Sandra to downtown Charleston to relax and we had a good time. We went to a few of their markets and ate at Sticky Fingers and then rode the Rickshaw back to our car. The Rickshaw is basically a bicycle-driven carriage. $7 per ten minutes. Pretty cool.

Anyway, big thanks to ari_vinodeluna who let me come over to her place on Staten Island to update my resume, reply to some recruiters and catch up on my email. Thanks Paola!!

I've got an interview tomorrow, so I hope that goes well... Also, thanks to you all for your heartfelt feelings in my last LJ entry. I really appreciate your support!