February 27th, 2005


A New York Sunday

Well, this morning I ate some of my $5 box of cereal (grrr, why is cereal SO expensive here?) and then watched some stupid movie on TV about baby geniuses. Then, I ate some pita and spicy hummus. Then, I headed out to the Donnell Library which is one of the largest foreign language libraries in the world. I got two Esperanto books (Vivo de Ghandi, La Mirinda Eliksiro), a Dutch DVD (Everybody's Famous) and a Polish DVD (Hacker). Then, off to the Internet cafe where I checked my mail and chatted with a few friends and wrote this LJ entry.

Now, I shall write my report on my UN orientation for UEA. After that I will go to the GameTime Nation where I will spend $5 for an hour of PS2 or Xbox playing. Not sure what I'll play, but it sounds interesting to warrant $5 and an hour of my time. It's on 12th St & 4th Ave for those of you in NYC who want to visit and don't feel like clicking on the website link. hah After that I will probably head back to the apartment and watch one of my DVDs and then maybe read some book.

Exciting Sunday, eh? I <3 NYC! (except for the fact that cereal is so damn expensive here)