February 28th, 2005


Monday Monday...

So, none of the temp agencies wrote back. Grrr. Oh well, I guess I should give it some time. I saw an ad in the New York Times for college grads who just moved to NYC. I never thought of looking under the classifieds for "college grad" before. Good thing it's right next to "Computer". So, I will be calling them today. I also saw an article that mentioned collegerecruiter.com, so that might also bring some results. But, I want to goof off on livejournal and read my email first. :)

In other news, the GameTime Nation closed at 8 pm last night instead of 9:30 pm like it said on their website. The guy did not seem a bit apologetic or wish to heed my advice about updating the site. He just said I could come back tomorrow. heh. So, I decided to go to the Barcade where I played Arkanoid and Ms. Pac-Man for an hour. Not bad to spend a dollar for an hour of entertainment in New York. =) But, I won't be going back to GameTime Nation tonight because I'm going to a German film screening at the Museum of Modern Art with the German meetup group (so I'm getting in for $5 instead of the normal $10). Ah yes, there are bargains to be found here. Also, I hear Pathmark sells cheap cereal.

Update: It just started snowing again. :-(