June 23rd, 2005


credit card processing and steering wheel

I finally got us working with our credit card processor Verisign at work. Now all we have to do is make it is test it and make it look pretty and it should be ready to go live on Friday!

In other news, on Monday night I placed an order for the Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP Wheel with Pedals and even with Super Saver Shipping (free shipping), I got it tonight... so only three day wait! The feel of it is quite amazing for only $54. It even vibrates when you run over sidewalks and other rough terrain in Need for Speed Underground II. So, all in all, everything is going well.

After we go live, I should have more time for my friends and a chance to go out... Also, I'll have a chance to finish some personal chores as well as unpack the myriad of plastic bags that sit in my room saying "Open and organize me!" Yes, I will be quite happy when all of my stuff is in one room and unpacked. Hopefully I should have everything done by the end of the weekend. Thus, a nice birthday present to myself. :)