June 24th, 2005


My summer vacation...

Well, I was going to try to avoid posting in LJ tonight, but I really must share this. Because I've been working about 12 hours per day at work, my boss decided that I can take two weeks paid vacation this summer! Thanks a million to argilo for agreeing to be on standby for my job while I'm away. I owe you! While that isn't much vacation time to my European friends, it's really a big deal! I've only worked there since the end of February...

So, what are my plans?

Jul 30-Aug 5 = Internacia Junulara Kongreso - Zakopane (near Krakow, Poland)
Aug 5-8 = Wikimania - Frankfurt, Germany
Aug 8-14 = ATTAC Sommerakademie 2005 - Göttingen (near Frankfurt)

How much will this cost? It's actually going to be amazingly cheap.

Conference fees:

IJK = 95 EUR (incl. lodging, food, program)
Wikimania = 160 EUR (incl. lodging, program, breakfasts)
Sommerakademie = 95 EUR (not sure, have to spend the time to read the German carefully)
Total = 350 EUR

Travel costs:
New York -> Krakow + Frankfurt -> New York = US$975
KRA -> FRA = 161 PLN (US$48)
Total = US$1023

I'd say that's not a bad price for a 17 days / 16 nights vacation in Europe in two different countries. :) If our paths meet this summer, definitely let me know!! (I don't plan to use my cell phone in Europe.)