August 18th, 2005


luggage claimed

Last night I went to the JFK airport and picked up my backpack out of hundreds of suitcases lying around. It took me a while, but I was quite happy to find my Everest green and black backpack among the crowd. :) There was another guy in there looking for his as well, but from what I last saw, he wasn't as successful... Remember, this is why you don't buy a black suitcase. =) I also feel bad for the line of people at American Airlines who were there to claim that their bag was lost on their flight. I was told it was an hour wait to speak to a representative...

Tip: if you do happen to be ill-fated to have a black suitcase (i.e. if someone else buys a luggage set for you), an excellent way to spot it on the conveyer belt is to put duct tape or yellow tape on it before the flight, so that you'll recognize it immediately when it comes out the chute. Happy travels!