October 19th, 2005


new interesting website - Head Pix!

Our company just made a new website at http://www.headpix.com/ where you can put your face in a square for only 3 cents per pixel! Be part of Internet history and put your face on the human mosaic. We also have an LJ blog at headpix, so if you like the idea, you are encouraged to friend it. =) The first entry from the headpix blog:

Have you heard of the Million Dollar Homepage? Well, we decided to go one step further and put a bit more personality into it. This is a place to promote the site of your choice using your face! Tired of faceless websites? Well, we have the ultimate goal of having a site full of faces. Post your own face with a link to the website of your choice (excluding adult, racist and hate sites) and be part of Internet history!

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could also put a link to Head Pix in your blog as well. Thanks! All comments are welcome!