December 7th, 2005


found an apartment!

Well, last night I agreed to move into a studio apartment in Heilbronn and it's pretty nice. It's on the top floor (fifth) of an apartment complex with a nice view of the city. It has an elevator too. Yay! It's right under the roof, so it's quite cozy as well. In other words, my ceiling slopes down on the sides. heh Quite enough space for one person though and I'm happy with it. Best of all, it's only a five minute walk form work! So, I've decided not to buy a car, because it's not really necessary. Even if I take taxis occasionally, that should be cheaper than getting a car. I already have a 25% discount card for the train, so that's not even a problem... Anyway, just wanted to let you all know everything is going well and if you're ever in the Stuttgart/Heidelberg/Karlsruhe area, let me know!