June 28th, 2006


too many projects simultaneously

My most urgent task is finishing a final document about a four hour Wiki Markup Standard workshop I'm giving this summer at the WikiSym in Odense, Denmark. This document must be revised and resubmitted today to ACM.

The other major project is the DVD project Elektronika Esperantio. In the news there you can find links to "beta" copies of the film, so you can see what the film will be like, although the final printed US version will have English and Spanish subtitles. I'm now finalizing negotiations between ELNA, E@I and GlobalVision. This film is really incredible and I think the first time anyone has ever made a professional film (10-15 min) with a youth feel about Esperanto.

The DVD will be ready to purchase at the ELNA conference in New York City this summer. There will also be an evening for people who don't speak Esperanto and I will post more news about that when they become available. I will also be giving two lectures there which I need to prepare. The first lecture will be about Wikipedia and wikis in general. The second lecture will be about the World Esperanto Youth Organization. I will later be presenting a poster presentation in Boston at Wikimania on Wiki Markup Mess.

I also need to finish debugging the WikiWizard in preparation for its version 1.1 launch. This needs to be launched before I leave for NYC on July 20. Last night I finished writing my report on the Press and Communications Meeting I attended in Lithuania and my contribution to TEJO's annual board report. I'm really starting to feel the summer crunch. Now I should get ready and go to work...