September 11th, 2006


Final WikiCreole 0.1 released!

Well, the biggest accomplishment of today is releasing a final WikiCreole 0.1, a wiki syntax to make it easier to switch wiki engines and make visitors from other wiki engines feel more welcome. I also liked publishing the info on the upcoming Manlibro pri Vikipedio (Wikipedia Handbook) on the TEJO website.

In other news, I've been having some problems lately with transportation. Last night I was quite impressed to find that my train to Mannheim was only five minutes late, only to discover that the train from Heilbronn was out of order with a notice on the board not to board. But, when I went downstairs to get more detailed information, I heard over the loudspeaker that the train was departing immediately and when I went back up the stairs, sure enough, the train was on its way to Heilbronn, abandoning me in the Mannheim station for another hour until the next train departing. This also meant I had to take a taxi upon arriving in Heilbronn since the last bus has already left...

Today, on my way to the doctor for a checkup, I was getting directions on my cell phone from the doctor's office and I saw the pedestrian light was green and so I crossed the street. Suddenly from out of nowhere, a car hit me just enough to knock me over, but fortunately I wasn't really injured. I still feel a little pain, but not much. Strange, if I was going to get hit by a car somewhere, I never thought it would be Germany! Unfortunately in my concentration to understand the nurse explaining the complicated directions to me in German, I failed to get the contact info of the driver, but it looks like I'll be fine anyway.