September 20th, 2006


If you are an American living abroad, you have the right to vote in federal elections, no matter how long you have lived outside of the U.S. These votes from abroad will make a difference in this election!

The web site is a web-based absentee voter registration wizard that was developed to make it easier for Americans living abroad to vote. The wizard guides you through the voter registration and absentee ballot request process by asking only those questions you are required to answer for your voting state and personal circumstances. It automatically produces a completed voter registration and absentee ballot request form with all the information you need to provide. No more, no less. You then just need to print, sign, and mail it to the address provided.

Just visit the site and take the first step towards exercising your right to vote! is a website owned and operated by Democrats Abroad.

If you know any Americans living abroad, let them know about it and add it to your blog as well! :)