March 18th, 2007


Joost and Poker

Well, I've been greatly enjoying Joost, thanks to osi. I find most of it is just as bad as regular American TV, except I like their anime, indy film and poker channels. But really, I find myself watching mostly Poker on there. Nice to be able to watch Poker whenever I want... I also ended up buying three cables (yes, three!) to connect my Macbook to my TV set. I had to buy a Mini-DVI to Video (20 EUR), Video to Video (4,50 EUR) and Headphones to Stereo (4,50 EUR). But, watching Internet TV and videos on my real TV is sooo nice. Being able to pause, rewind and fast forward TV is nice too... as well as only having a 30 second ad every 10 minutes or so... and ads at the beginning while it buffers. Smart design. My bandwidth is tolerable for it, so I generally just let a show buffer for 5-10 minutes before watching and then take breaks if it needs to buffer again in the middle. Probably what most amazes me is that it's almost real TV quality. [For those wanting to get on Joost, I don't have any invite codes yet, and already have two friends on my "waiting list".]

But, to fill my poker habit, I found one of the few good poker servers that runs on Mac, Full Tilt Poker. [Yes, it also runs on Windows.] They start you out with 1,000 points in play money which I have now accumulated around 15,000. :) Fun. Anyway, if you want to play there, type the bonus code ESPERANTO and get a nice bonus on your first real money deposit. I don't know if I'll ever play for money there, but I think I'd like to play in one of their tournaments sometime. Any other poker players reading this? I mostly play Texas Hold 'em...