April 25th, 2007


The Amero - common currency for North America?

I got a spam today with the following:

The media has deliberately kept its citizens in the dark about the plan to make The United States, Canada and Mexico into one country and to change our dollar to the Amero. It's called the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership, http://www.spp.gov). Look up Lou Dobbs and Amero on Google Video and see.

While I normally ignore spam, this one proved to be a bit more interesting than the average. It's also interesting that he emailed me through my LJ email address. But anyway, does anyone else know anything about the proposal for an amero? Living in Europe, the euro has made my life a lot easier... Also, I found an article on the American currency union on Wikipedia and this CNN footage on youtube...

I posted the following message to one youtube video:

Well, I'm an American who has lived in the Netherlands, Canada and now Germany, and I have to say using the euro over in Europe has made life so much more convenient, and I only wish I could have had a similar experience in Canada and the USA. But, first of all the USA should add some color and size to their bills... Why is such a popular currency so easy to counterfeit and so hard for the blind to use? :(
I already got the following replies:

amuzulo - is your post a joke? This is hardly about the currency. It's about the destruction of the USA as we know it. The North American Union is the issue here and if you don't know what that is yet I recommend you find out. If you're American and willing to trade in our Constitution for currency convenience you need to start paying some ATTENTION!!!