July 4th, 2007


Creole 1.0 - a common wiki markup

After a year of diligent effort, a group of nearly 50 dedicated users and developers are proud to release WikiCreole 1.0. Creole is designed to be a common wiki markup language which augments existing markup to enable wiki users to transfer content seamlessly across wikis, a boon to novice and expert users alike.

Creole, taking its name from the field of linguistics, a stable language that originated from a combination of two or more languages. As every wiki software has its own markup definitions, the differences can make them difficult for novices to learn and experts to remember, thus a common wiki markup lays the foundation for development of cross-engine wiki software.

Full Press Release: http://www.wikicreole.org/wiki/WikiCreolePressRelease
Digg Story: http://digg.com/software/WikiCreole_1_0_a_common_wiki_markup

The European iPhone madness

Yes, I am a lemming who wants an iPhone too, but I live in Europe, so I will be waiting til November for mine. It appears that T-Mobile will be providing exclusive coverage for Europe, so I will have to soon decide whether my love for the iPhone or my hatred for T-Mobile is greater... ugh. Maybe I'll just get an OpenMoko instead. heh

Anyway, some interesting articles: