July 16th, 2007


video game frenzy continues...

So, now we see what happens to me when the girlfriend doesn't visit. ;) I get all nostalgic on arcade games. At least I'm not as nostalgic as this guy who bought a Galaxian 3 Theater. Whoa. I've always wanted to have a stand-up arcade game in my apartment/house, but this is a bit over the edge. But, I want to find out where he moves it, so I can visit... ;-)

I wanted to get a paddle controller or spinner to play Arkanoid. I'm not good at building electronics, so I just want something pre-built. Searched the net, couldn't find anything. So, eventually I came across the Mame Spinner Roundup, but they are all unfortunately built for actual arcade cabinets. I still love this sentence: "To evaluate each of these spinners, I ran them through a number of grueling (fun) and exhausting (very fun) play-tests. I also tried to rank each spinner on a number of different criteria, including ease of installation, design, ease of use, spinner sensitivity, and more." So, I decided he must be the expert to write about this. He replied that I might want to try out the PowerMate which is a USB volume control, but from what I read online, it's not gonna cut it for gaming. I'm waiting for a reply from the company though. :)

Yesterday played my first Scorched 3D online and I couldn't believe what a n00b I was. Haven't played "modern" games in so long... I even forgot to buy parachutes... how stupid of me! Also, I learned you can follow the shot camera by pressing c. So high tech... I like my gaming old school. hah! I also learned that Space Invaders didn't originally have sound, ... or color! It was in fact the first popular arcade game after Pong. Also, did you know that Pong only ran on analog? ... no digital parts! So, you can't emulate it, you would have to simulate it.

To finish it off, I just got The Ultimate History of Video Games: From Pong to Pokemon--The Story Behind the Craze That Touched Our Lives and Changed the World which is amazingly cheap (15 EUR) for a 624 page book of such importance. All five star reviews. Well, almost all. So, I guess now I should shower and clean up the apartment for Judith's visit on Tuesday. Also, I think I'll work half a day today, so I can take off Thursday.

Nostalgia just isn't what it used to be... Oh, anyone know of any decent arcades in Europe? From playing in the Hersheypark arcades when I was young, I guess I'm spoiled. I read somewhere that they have some of best arcades in the entire world...